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Building partnerships that work

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What Makes a Co-brand or Affinity Card Successful ? 


A credit co-brand or AffinityCard  is more likely to be successful if it has the following characteristics:


  1.  The co-brand makes sense.  Someone would be proud of, or loyal to, the   

       sponsoring company or organization and the co-brand card would be used on

       a regular basis.

 2.  The rewards for using the co-brand card would not be generic.  The  merchant or organization        would contribute unique assets to be built into the rewards program.

 3.  There is a sizable base of very loyal members or customers (50M - 1MM

      depending on program and issuer).     

 4.  The company or organization has permissible access to customer or member

      name and address that can facilitate the acquisition of co-brand cards.

 5.  The customer base consists of potential cardholders who are credit worthy and

      are open to obtain additional credit cards. 

 6.  There is a significant customer base (minimum 75,000 - 1,000,000, depending on issuer). and       type of program

 7.   The co-brand is supported and promoted through internal media by leveraging

      existing customer communications.

 8.  There is an existing loyalty program in place or there are unique assets that can

      be customized to be used as part of the co-brand rewards program. 

 9.  There is a true and open partnership between the merchant or organization,  the issuing bank

      and the network.

10.  Financial deal structures are fair and ensure that all parties "win" if the program

      is a success.

11.  There is significant staffing and senior level attention given to the co-brand on

       all sides.

12   The company or organization has adequate capital to invest into the program.

Prepaid, fleet, private label and debit programs have other leading indicators of success that we will gladly discuss with you.