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Building partnerships that work

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Building a Successful Co-brand

If your company or organization is considering a credit, debit, fleet, or prepaid card program, or has an existing co-brand and wants to evaluate its current performance, you have come to the right consulting company.  The fact is that not all companies or organizations should have a traditional credit co-brand program, and not all co-brand programs succeed. Many times, a Private Label Credit Card program is a better solution for you and your customers. If you are a membership organization or a non-profit, an affinity credit card would be right for you.  

At Co-brand Solutions, LLC,  we will evaluate the potential of a new credit card program or provide you with a fair evaluation of your existing co-brand's performance and potential at no cost to you. If you need help finding the right financial institution or network for a new or existing program,  we will assist in finding the right  partner, practically anywhere in the world, to help your co-brand program succeed.  We can even help you negotiate the terms of your agreements, and provide assistance in the initial launch.  For financial institutions, we can help you develop a co-brand strategy and source new business partners.

We are only a phone call or email away from helping you meet your financial goals through a successful         co-brand program.  Reach out to us today.



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